Many people have the vision that a roof is a structure that fulfills the practical function of protecting a home, however most roofs require specific and quality materials that allow them to be functional and extend their useful life. Almost every home has a chimney, which is a large structure that crosses the roof, making it a vulnerable area, and because of its size, a roof cricket or roof mount is required to be installed on the back of the elevated side of the chimney. This roof shackle allows the water that falls around the chimney to flow so that it does not penetrate the main structure of the chimney and does not leak into the roof. As we appreciate that a roof shackle is an essential part of your roof, we offer you the following information about it.

What is a ceiling cricket and why do you need it?

It is a double triangle structure that can be made of the same wood roof with metal or stainless steel flashing or asphalt shingles, it serves to divert the accumulation of water that runs around the chimney, which is where the roof cricket should be installed, preventing water spills and roof leaks. As the water reaches the cricket, it is pushed to both sides and away from the chimney, toward the roof. It is important to keep the foundation of the house dry, prevent mold and rotting of the eaves…. Roof crickets are important during the winter, as water that might have accumulated in your chimney could cause ice buildup and consequently water flows, the roof cricket, allows water to flow smoothly down the sides of the angles towards the shingles.
The installation of roof crickets has been regulated since 2012 by the International Building Code (IBC) this specifies that a roof cricket is required if you have a chimney more than 30 inches wide, the width is taken from the side parallel to the ridge. The code has exceptions for those chimneys that intersect the ridge, which do not accumulate water and therefore do not require a roof cricket to be installed.

Why should you install a ceiling cricket?

Homeowners consider several reasons for installing a roof shackle

  1. If there is debris clogged in the chimney preventing water from flowing down the chimney.
  2. If the chimney is in the process of degradation and erosion.
  3. In most communities it is a requirement that their roofs have a grill if there are chimneys.
  4. If the location of the chimney is on a sloping roof that allows the accumulation of water during rains.
    Rainwater can cause damage to your roof, starting with the shingles which is the primary part most exposed to the inclemency’s of nature, when the shingles are damaged the roof is exposed to leakage which can cause damage to the other layers of the roof such as moisture, rot and mildew.

How much are the costs of a ceiling cricket?

Generally the cost of a roofing cricket is part of the budget if it includes what the chimney needs according to the size and types of material recommended by roofers. The installation of steel flashing is usually less expensive than copper flashing. The cost of installing a roofing cricket varies depending on the location and the roofer’s consideration of making it to the customer’s specifications. Keep in mind to pay at least $100 for roof shackle installation for your chimney, in addition to what you would pay for flashing or shingles. It is recommended that you do not install roof shackles on DIY roofs.

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