General Contracting

Running a business of commercial buildings or multi-family housing brings with it great responsibilities that if fulfilled satisfactorily can lead to material losses for your clients as well as the loss of your reputation as an administrator or owner. Having to be aware of every detail, from the small leak that can become a big problem such as the need to replace the entire roof to provide a better look and safety to your building requires a lot of time and effort, unless you manage a company that does it for you. At Pittsabana we provide timely advice to owners and managers of commercial and multi-family buildings, we attend from small inconveniences to large projects, we help you plan and carry out maintenance, repair and replacement plans for the roofing system of your property.


We work with materials of the highest quality to guarantee that you obtain the best products on the market. Our highly competitive and reputable CertainTeed brand has a wide range of products and as Pittsburgh is a CertainTeed Shingle Master roofer it allows us to offer you the most extensive warranty.

Many companies charge you for having a great name, but their treatment makes you feel like you’re asking them for a favor. At Pittsabana we care about our clients, as an administrator you will always have an answer to every question that arises because we understand that it is not a single interested party but that there will be many people involved to whom you must respond so we will help you with that.

You can count on us for: Roof Inspections, Solution Recommendations, Repairs, Total Roof Replacements and Gutter Systems, Custom Estimates and Emergency Repairs. Contact us and let us know what worries you, we have the solution for you.

Pittsabana Contracting Services LLC