What Homeowners Should Know About Attic Ventilation

Proper ventilation in the attic of your roof, allows the durability of the roof to be greater, you will appreciate reduction in energy costs and reduction of temperature extremes helping to cope with excess heat and humidity in the interior of your home, ventilation is the flow of air through a system of input and output, the attic will be well ventilated when the air naturally enters and exits in any season of the year.

Passive ventilation is the usual way to ventilate an attic by facilitating the entry and exit of both warm and cool air, so it is recommended that 1 square foot of ventilation be installed for every 300 square feet of attic floor space. Inlet vents along the sulphites, located under the eaves, allow cool air to enter the attic, while vents located at the top or ridge of the attic allow warm air to escape. Recent studies conducted by research organizations in collaboration with the Forest Products Laboratory have analyzed that condensation problems on roofs may be due to poor ventilation.

Increases the life of the roof

When attics are sealed, heat and moisture are trapped because they do not have an escape route which reduces the life of the tiles because they split or crack, during the winter the warm air of the day melts the ice on the roof and at night by the low temperature can refreeze, these accumulations of ice will deteriorate the roof, the same happens with the excessive heat to which the roof is subjected because it can cause damage to the coating, The wavy shape in the line of the roof tiles is caused by the humidity that deforms the platform, the rust and corrosion of the metallic materials, the humidity and other evidences that the roof presents, reduce its useful life and can subject the family to respiratory diseases or allergies caused by the fungi or spores that grow in the attic due to the supply of interior air. These situations of health risk and deterioration of the roof due to poor ventilation will lead to emergency repairs in addition to the inconvenience this causes.

Lower energy costs

We all want to live in a warm, cozy and comfortable environment, when a roof does not have adequate ventilation, allowing heat to escape so that the temperature is maintained at normal conditions, it requires more energy consumption as air conditioners increase the workload to keep your home cool, and as a result your electric bill will be higher.

Decreasing indoor temperature extremes

Usually on the upper floors of the house you feel the temperature is higher, the opposite happens with the lower floors, these extreme temperatures are common as a result of roofs without proper ventilation, when there is an environment where hot air leaves and cold air enters the attic, the results will be noticeable inside your home in any season of the year.

The benefits of having roof ventilation in proper condition requires that periodic checks be made to prevent heat buildup in the attic such as excess moisture inside your home, checking the roof to make sure vents are not blocked or damaged, exhaust vents are not damaged or blocked, and that there is no moisture in the rafters. The roof should have the proper amount and location of ventilation.

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