How to Maintain an Asphalt Shingle Roof

Proper roof maintenance will ensure that its components, such as asphalt shingles, panels and the layers that make up the roof, have greater resistance to the harsh elements of nature, increase the life of the roof, save you money on unexpected repairs, save energy due to greater efficiency, look more attractive, and provide security for you and your family.

Things to keep in mind when maintaining an asphalt roof

Inspect the roof on a regular basis

The safest way to inspect the condition of a roof is to have a professional roofer, as a specialist will make sure to identify in detail the entire roof area, taking into account all the components and giving a report on the problems that need to be addressed. We recommend roof inspections at least twice a year, taking into account the fall and spring seasons.

Perform debris removal

This should be done on a regular basis taking into account all roof components and roof systems. Remember that weather conditions affect roofs on a larger scale. Remove all debris and debris from shingles, vents, flashing, gutters, solar panels, skylights, so that water can run off unhindered to avoid future moisture and leaks that may damage the roof.

Take into account the tree branches near the roof

It is common to find on roofs the remains of branches of nearby trees or plants that grow because of the humidity in that area, the remains of debris that are dragged by the air or storms, which represents a danger because of the damage they can cause both to the tiles that may suffer breakage and to the roof in general, the ideal is to keep cutting branches that are near the roof to avoid damage to it.

Clean the gutters

Gutters free of all dirt will guarantee a roof in good condition, both gutters and downspouts require maintenance to prevent corrosion and sagging, this maintenance includes application of roofing cement or patching and caulking.

Ventilated Roof

A roof with adequate all-weather ventilation, especially during the winter, prevents moisture from accumulating and damaging the roof, good insulation allows for proper energy consumption and no energy waste.

Flashing Maintenance

To maintain a roof in good condition, caulking and flashing are of valuable importance because it prevents roof leaks that are generated because there is water obstruction by the roof tiles, with caulking the cracks in the flashing are sealed where water runs causing damage to the roof.

Don’t delay in making roof repairs

Your home’s first defense against the weather elements is the roof. Keep a close eye on the roof, as missing or broken shingles can leave the roof vulnerable to wind that can tear off sections of the roof, which can expose your home to any external elements that affect the structure of the house and its safety. If you want to keep an asphalt roof in good condition you should check and maintain it, if it does not meet this requirement, you may find signs that indicate you should repair or replace the roof without delay and out of budget.

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