Roofers are construction workers who are specifically dedicated to the construction or maintenance of roofs. The search and choice of a professional roofer is a decision that can be made through the Home Owners Association (HOA) or through a previous recommendation, in general terms is to verify if he is a roofing contractor, that he has a contractor’s license according to state and local requirements, ask for a list of clients, if he works with his own workers or under a subcontractor, the reputation that he has in the area where he works. Compare these requirements with other competitors where they highlight the quality of the materials, the valuation of the work, the time of execution and the guarantee that they offer. Here we offer you the information you need to make the right choice and be satisfied with the result.

What to look for when choosing a roofing contractor

Roofer qualification

Before hiring the professional services of a good roofer check what qualification he has and if he is registered in the state roofers directories , checking his online reviews through Google, Facebook ,. Among the qualities that stand out the most are:

Proven experience, Licensed for roofing projects, present insurance registration, offer references on previous works, offer estimates. If the roofer is registered in a manufacturer’s program, they will offer more benefits such as extended warranties and guarantees on their business practices.

What services a roofer offers

The common services offered by a roofer will vary depending on the contractor or company. The roofing service if it is maintenance should offer first the general inspection of the roof: check for water leaks, damage to the roof in general, shingles, waterproofing, ventilation, insulation, removal of ice or snow debris, roof cleaning to remove debris accumulation, removal of debris. If the roofs are made of wood or metal, they offer the service of painting or sealing treatment. If the roofer does the service in addition to the roofing service of checking or replacing window siding and gutters, it can save you money on future work.

What to ask the roofer

At the time of the interview, keep in mind what you want to know in order to avoid details or inconveniences that may affect the work or the budget:

  • Do you have licensing related to the area and the service they provide?
  • At the time of a claim, do you have homeowner’s insurance, what other insurances do you carry and what is the coverage (the roofer should explain the differences in your coverage/policies, liability on workers vs. general liability)?
  • What types of roofs and what materials do you use in the installation?
  • Is the roof inspection free of charge or is there an additional cost?
  • Can you provide references to qualify your work?
  • Do you provide written estimates?
  • What is your estimated completion time?
  • How do you deal with weather conditions?
  • What are the conditions for handling and disposal of debris?
  • What care do you offer to the surrounding areas such as gardens, garages?
  • What are the payment conditions, do you offer financing?

How to hire the services of a roofer

With the qualification, service offered, questions related to the work performed, you can now choose the services of the roofing contractor that best suits you to perform your roofing project or roof maintenance. You should consider that there are two types of roofing companies or independent contractors, compare the benefits and bids they offer. Regardless of the bid you choose, make sure that your roofer meets the right conditions.

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