How to clean your property after roof replacement?

If you plan to replace your roof, it is important to know the details of not only the installation but also the cleanup, for your peace of mind and safety. You don’t want to find nails, shingle remnants, debris or any debris in the yard, landscaping or parking lot affecting your roof and entire property. All of these areas should look better than they did before the roof replacement work began.

What to do before the work on the roof?

Before beginning roof replacement, the contractor should consider all aspects relevant not only to the installation but also to the cleanup of areas that may be affected by debris generated during replacement. Tarps should be placed in adjacent areas of the roof to collect debris from shingles and roof layers that are being removed, which reduces damage to lawns and gardens. Ensure that the crew responsible for the roof replacement collects the debris in wheelbarrows and hauls it to the dump trailer.

Cleaning during the roof replacement process

Once the contractor has taken all possible precautions at the beginning of the roof replacement work, from here on the cleaning begins as the work progresses, a crew lifts the debris from the old roof and installs the new roof, another crew on the ground collects the debris or waste that is being removed, thus avoiding the accumulation of debris that could cause inconveniences and discomfort.

What to do after roof replacement?

Upon completion of the replacement, the roof and surrounding area should be completely clean and free of debris or debris, the contractor should blow off the entire roof to remove sawdust residue or loose particles that come off the shingles, clean the vents and gutters through which a magnet should be passed to catch any loose nails that may have been left, also blow off the downspouts. Once the roof cleaning is complete, the contractor should inspect the entire property to make sure the job is completed satisfactorily, concentrating on the area around the house, the lawn or gardens, the parking lot, using hand blowers or pressure washers to remove debris. The final appearance will be a shiny new roof and clean, safe surroundings that will ensure the comfort of you, your family and your pets.

How long does this process take between replacement and cleaning?

All the doubts or questions that concern you can ask the roofing contractor, he will inform you how he is going to carry out the whole process from the roof replacement to the complete cleaning, from the budget point of view, how he is going to handle the debris can and the time it will take to do all the work, this will save you inconveniences since it allows you to schedule the work.

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